corporate friends®, Jan Eickhoff & Dominik Bouma

An introduction to smart and interactive lighting at the museum exhibition / Eine Einführung in interaktives Smart Lighting für Museen und Ausstellungen

Learn about new trends, peculiarities, and challenges of contemporary lighting inside the museum display cases. You can test a range of these very special and miniature lighting tools from corporate friends® with your own hands. You will be introduced to the possibilities of smart - wireless light control. Try the connection with sensors that can bring a new level of interactivity and therefore experience to sometimes a bit 'dusty' exhibitions.


Zur Firma

corporate friends® GmbH is a globally recognised developer and manufacturer specialising in display case lighting systems for museums. The company was founded in 2011 by German designer Jan Eickhoff. Its fixtures illuminate much of our planet’s cultural and natural heritage: breath-taking artefacts, pure wonders, incredible stories… This obliges the brand to keep all relevant functional, aesthetic and quality parameters at the highest possible level. With innovative design and technology, quality materials and processing, the brand helps to keep these miraculous treasures accessible for future generations.


11.30 Uhr
Jan Eickhoff, CEO, Chief Designer, corporate friends®, Kamenz & Dominik Bouma, Communications, corporate friends®, Prag